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On Screen

Movie theatre advertising is a great way to get your message out to a captured audience.  Generally speaking, those in the movie theatre are relaxed and in a mindset to watch what’s on the big screen.  Most arrive early and be a great way to get your message out to hundreds and even thousands of people each week.

Most ads are either 15 or 30 seconds in length, but occasionally up to 60 seconds and vary in price depending on duration and placement.

Additional Benefits of Cinema Advertising:

  • Impact: Cinema advertising has a unique ability to offer premium content in front of a captured audience.
  • Mass Audience: Moviegoing is the number one form of entertainment reaching 77% of adults 12+ annually.
  • Promotional Push: Hollywood studios spend millions of dollars weekly to push local people to the theater.
  • Millennials: 70% of all millennials go to the movies at least 6 times per year.

Indoor Advertising

Also known as Restroom Advertising.  These ads are placed in various spots on the walls and are visible to patrons who utilize the area.

Organizations and companies that succeed with restroom ads include those that sell services such as realtors, maintenance and repair work, and hair stylists. Other businesses, such as those who sell packaged-goods, fast food and beverages. And not for profit entities that have great results with indoor ads include local health departments, transportation agencies and related offices.

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